works on the concept of coordination between specific software needs and human talent that can cater to those requirements. It is hiring with a difference. Let us see how it works for both companies who has programming needs and a freelancer who is looking for projects.

At a team is specifically developed to address to the companies’ need to develop software projects. This team proactively scouts the market to identify software development needs. Once the need is identified our account managers who are regularly updated on programming talent available and within short response time provides the recruiter company with a set of programmers available for their specific needs. The difference here is that we ourselves do not develop the project in house so all the necessary documentation to presented to the freelancer has to prepared by the recruiter company themselves. Our specialty is in making arrangements for a contract between the programmer and company who wants to programming services. For this we charge a nominal fee.

This kind of an arrangement helps companies in improved time to market. How does it happen? Firstly when a company is looking to contract out programming needs the process is time consuming. First the company has hire a consultant who prepares the RFP, the RFP is floated to several programming firms or consultants who come with their recommendations and then company personnel evaluates their proposals and then project is awarded to one of them. The stage of recruiting in this entire process is the most time consuming and that is where we can make the difference. We have a set of programmers ready with us across various technologies and domains with three plus years of minimum experience level. Once you share your programming needs with us we would identify the best resources for you within hours. The need can be an end to end solution or development of small component of software application; we serve you with equal importance. You will receive quotes in almost one fourth of time taken by your in-house staff. Added advantage is you could hire a programmer from your own region or take the cost advantage by hiring from low cost outsourcing destinations.